Monday, August 20, 2007

three ducklings

While I was doing some shopping by myself at my favorite store without my cute little ducklings following me single file, Dave was doing some baking with three little ducklings jumping in to mix and stir, measure and pour.

"Quack, quack! My turn, my turn!" they cried one after the other. That thought brought a smile on my face while I happily examined every fragile item in the store. It was such a luxury to hear only my thoughts, the heavy afternoon rain and the cash register occasionally spitting out receipts.

Less than an hour later I was back home and with keys still in my hand, I was greeted at the door by three merry ducklings and each one had something to say:

"Dad tried to call you and he called himself! Instead of calling you he called the phone on the table."
Ah, but that was my phone and I am glad I didn't bring it with me.

"We heard the thunder and we thought you got hit by lightning."
I heard the thunder too and wondered if you were outside playing.

"The brownies are not ready yet. We're waiting for the buzzer."
I know about the buzzer.

I listened intently to each one since I wasn't given a moment to speak, I just greeted each one with a long, tight hug. Then I led my ducklings (and big daddy duck) into the pond while I savored more quiet time, this time with warm brownies, a nice hot cuppa and the sound of happy duck quacks.


One Wacky Mom said...

Hi seagrape!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love your photos. I hope you stopped by Anitokid's blog and voted for him!

I also linked into you. You might want to join technorati and put a technorati fav button on the side of your blog so people can fav you!

Bless you!

James said...

Spectacular entry as always...I hope momma duck is happy like the rest of the ducklings.

It's the same ol' story through history...and you write it well.

Your friend,

Blur Ting said...

Once again, you're a such a great story writer! A great mother to your little cute ducklings too! You really shoud write children stories to share with everyone, I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

what a nice day! great photos too.. hope all the ducklings...mamma duck too.. enjoyed their day.

seagrape said...

oh, thank you. i cannot thank you enough for your kind words :)
i'm blushing a little here ^.^