Saturday, August 4, 2007


Last week, Maku won some sort of ring toss game at a birthday party. The prize was a bright green ball. Greenball!

Greenball has been taken along on short trips and outings; I suppose showing the little fella around is Maku's way of expressing his satisfaction and appreciation--or simply his way of boasting and puffing himself up with pride.

I have developed a strong liking for this ball. Not only is it my son's current favorite possession, my favorite shade of green, and a handy toy to have, but it also photographs very well.


James said...

If only Greenballs could talk! It looks so happy to be in each of those photos. It's truly a unique thing to find a ball with such a pleasing personality...I envy you your Greenball! :-)

Kate said...

Hi, Seagrape! I love the greenball in the striped shadows. Is Greenball the NAME of the ball? My kids name their little balls, for some reason: Red Racer, Sunset, stuff like that.

seagrape said...

Hi, Kate. Greenball is the green ball's name. My children name everything -- our plants, pencil erasers, their birthmarks :D