Saturday, August 25, 2007

sweet Saturday

The end of the first school week was followed by a delightfully slow Saturday morning.
After some snuggles and plenty of good morning kisses, we enjoyed a wonderfully unhurried breakfast and chatted quite a bit.
Then we walked outside and saw car after car parked in front of our house. Turns out there was an estate sale across the street, we sat on the grass and watched folks come and go.
The children played with lizards and spotted one shedding its skin. They watched as a family of wasps built a nest with lots of little holes that looked like teeny-tiny bedrooms.
A mid-morning swim was part of the day's plan; but instead we attacked the last day of a local bookstore's going out of business sale.

I am finally getting good at cooking good looking pancakes. These pancakes look so much better than these. Don't you think?


Blur Ting said...

Oh, you've got to teach me how to make such beautiful pancakes. Mine always turn up really ugly! Those look so yummy, especially with my favourite summer fruit!

seagrape said...

oh blur ting, those three pancakes are the only decent looking ones out of the dozen or so that I made (^.^)

Blur Ting said...

Because you're such a nice mother, I gave you The Nice Award!

Actually there's one way to make it look better. I got so frustrated one day with my ugly pancakes, I put in more olive oil than usual and tada, they turned out beautifully! I guess olive oil is not that bad. The Italians drink olive oil by the cupful.

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY!!! they look professional.. how'd you make them so nice and even colored and ROUND?

seagrape said...

hmm...maybe kamut pancakes are easier to cook...i mix it water, a little honey and olive oil. i do rub a little bit of olive oil on the pan.

thanks for the award, makes me feel nice and warm inside (^.^)