Tuesday, May 17, 2011

her first suitor

Snow is 11 now. This afternoon, a boy stopped by with some nutty bars. As I took this picture, I told them they kinda look alike. One of them replied, "Yeah, except we are not brother and sister, we are boyfriend and girlfriend."

Snowcones, merengue and waltz :) What ever happened to playdates spending countless hours setting up playmobil and legos???
They laid in the hammock out in the backyard. Maku was nosy enough to follow them around. Marc and I were nosy enough to spy from the back window while chewing on yummy nutty bars.
here is Snow...all smiles hours after the boy left
And here I am...bemused.
I took a snapshot hoping to capture the strangest mix of emotions I was experiencing. This is what I got. Me. Feeling (and looking) 11 years older. *sigh*