Thursday, September 24, 2009

my bff Marlen

my friend Marlen and I made it to the beach at 8:30 this morning, greeted by seagulls and freshly raked sand.

no toys, no trucks, no dolls and no shovels just peanut butter sandwiches and bananas in our beach bags.
i've known Marlen for two years now and she has become more like a sister to me than just a friend --or should i say more like a mom. she prepares our beach snack, she delivers black beans to my home every week, takes my avocados out of the fridge, honks my car horn for me every time a car gets in my way, and look at her here -setting up camp.

she is so proper, and fancy, and organized
she didn't get a speck of sand on her body this morning -- which explains her deep even tan while mine is ten different shades of brown
we are such complete opposites yet we get along so wonderfully

she had major trouble with our umbrella this morning, i laughed at her seriousness and determination for not wanting my help cuz "i"ll just mess things up"

we chatted, we swam, we walked. she told me about these really nice shoes on sale that were my size. yup, she even browses size 5 1/2 shoes and i know there is no way she'd fit in one.

we spent five hours together just the two of us, without the kiddos --and it felt like such a short time.
yay to friendship! and to our umbrella staying up!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this is a bit bizarre..

there was a crowd on the beach

Snow and Maku were not running all over the place

they paused and posed for a pic (a very rare occurrence)

and godzilla simply walked by and left this structure untouched

what odd things a coming storm can bring

Thursday, September 17, 2009

just me and myself

it has been almost a month that both my little ones are in school full time. i've been busy getting to know myself, meeting up with friends nearby, yapping on the phone with ones that are far away.

i've been txting like a fool, dancing like a fool, taking pictures of myself like a fool. life is good and it gets even better when they get home at 3 o'clock and we get to do the fun little things we always do together..

and it feels just a teeny-tiny bit more special since we've missed each other all day.

and I end this post with one last photo of me, looking so refreshed and loving this new routine. :D