Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it's a process :)

all moved in with Marc and his cat Prairie - and Maku and Snow of course ;)
moving in with someone as an adult is such a complex thing or maybe because there are two other little hearts involved.
i have been going through a lot of mixed feelings; a sense of uneasiness within my calmness, happiness tinted with dismay, seemingly content but burdened at the same time.
yep. one of my few gloomy posts...but like i said happy but sad :)

i take solace in friends and family (and a little bit of alcohol here and there), ^.^ i find it soothing to listen, dance, and sing to my favorite music but i somehow find daily comfort in the simplicity and nakedness of what is around me. i like my furniture plain and rough, i like my cupboards barely full, my fridge almost empty. my walls almost bare. unembellished and unadorned. stark and primitive.
i do not like to display machine-made art or one that is suffocating under a piece of glass. i do not like to keep things in case i need them one day.
i am whining, i know. i am quickly learning about compromising. something i never had to do before. i don't know why, maybe because i shared similar views with that certain person i lived with throughout most of my adult life or simply because he spoiled me to death (until he got tired of it and left --heehee).

and now, as i hang framed prints and laminated photos :P, i look at pictures of my old place-- missing how my home was and at the same time feeling a bit triumphant that i am finally growing up and, well...compromising :) --> this is my effort to look at the bright side :D
and no, you will not see photos of my cluttered walls :)
oh hey, i went to las vegas the other week. maybe i should talk about that ;) or how i need to change my header, i've had that sea urchin pic for over a year now :)