Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hockey happiness is...

...getting to your seat and realizing only a piece of glass separates you from the rink

...cheering, screaming, and doing the wave (it was Capitals vs. Lightning - for those who want to know :P)

...being welcomed in somebody's lap when pucks and players slamming onto the opposite side of the glass where you are sitting terrify you




...and being 10 years old and having a puck land in your lap at your first ever hockey game.

well, actually, it landed on my shin (ow!) then bounced off. i managed to grab it but lost my grip. it then slid across the floor, we struggled with someone who jumped from three rows behind us. after a few seconds of pinching and nudging - wine spilled and camera banged - the puck was ours!

and after the game...

it's this


and this :)