Wednesday, August 15, 2007

two days in new york, part 1

MoMA: Museum of Modern Art

where we paid our respects to Vincent van Gogh's, The Starry Night.
Then we walked about and posed next to our other favorites:

Snow's pick: Anselm Kiefer, Wooden Room. "I want to take this home, Mommy. So I can draw furniture and people in it."

one of Maku's many favorites: Marc Chagall, I and the Village.

of course, Dave's: Carroll Dunham, Ship.

and mine: Henri Matisse, Dance (I).

and MoMA's recent acquisition: Seagrape, Untitled.

After a four hour tour we headed out to the gardens to see more sculptures.....ahhhh.....yawn.....must collapse now. ~.~

A quick pretzel fix later, we started our stroll down 5th avenue to Rockefeller Center to see the golden statue of Prometheus and to see some happy, familiar faces.


Blur Ting said...

I love this post! Thanks for giving us a peek into the museum and pixs of your cute family!

James said...

Hi Max. Hi Montana. It's your friend James stopping by to say, "Hi!" I heard through the grapevine that Max had the museum security after him for pushing his sure to tell him that's the kind of thing Santa remembers around Christmas time.

Hope you had a nice trip. :-)James.

seagrape said...

thanks, blur ting :)

seagrape said...

Ah, yes. The push. I will never go to a museum without a baby carrier or a stroller again.