Thursday, August 9, 2007

fairy spot

The summer I was ten, my younger sister and I had a fairy spot; our own private place to enjoy early morning picnics and lounge away hot afternoons. After sharing this memory with my little ones, it didn't surprise me that they wanted a fairy spot of their own -- right away!
We filled our water bottles, started our quest, and after a short bike ride we found a small dried up pond. Wandering past the pond, we were greeted by this charming little creek.

Our fairy spot. It's actually a drainage canal, but it's a charming one at that.

My first fairy spot was on my grandmother's balcony where I had a grand view of a three-thousand-somethin' foot high volcano and every morning I was greeted by the sound of roosters, the clear rays of the rising sun, and the dewy smell of vast rice fields. Sure it's beyond comparing to a landscaped drainage ditch, but the intention is there, the mood, the company.

They are both simple and carefree, both excellent and delightful in every way.

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Blur Ting said...

So whimsical! Your kids are the cutest!