Sunday, April 20, 2008

i'm back

It has been a week of reunions, picnics and surprises. Snow brought home roses from a boy last Friday- I almost died. Last saturday we drove 70 miles to see friends. Four days later, four of my many relatives from California were in Florida for a cruise and drove 230 miles to see us.

My mom's oldest brother (she has seven) and the best-looking 69-year-old I have ever met. :)
I miss family. Makes me wonder what I am doing here in Florida - well, right now missing them is more manageable than the thought of moving someplace else.


Blur Ting said...

Ohh, everyone in your family is so good looking, including you of course. I love that photo of you and Maku.

So it's not surprising for little Snow to start receiving flowers from a young age. Well, that should keep her daddy busy, chasing boys out of the house!

The World According to Me said...

Seven brothers?! That's a lot of brothers.

Great photos.

I wonder if the boy had been saving his pocket money for weeks for the flowers?! I can imagine your face when she brought them home.

Sorry to hear you miss your family. But it makes seeing them extra special.

Anonymous said...

yes you are such a good looking family...and i agree with that photo of you and maku! is daddy jealous of snow???

Rebecca said...

Those are lovely pictures! And I totally understand...missing family vs making any kind of move. Hard choice. Not a fare one either, it seems to me!

seagrape said...

thanks :D

omg blur! i didn't think of that -they'll be knocking on our door next.