Friday, October 19, 2007

5 of 5

I was tagged by Blur Ting and the World According to Me on this one, so here goes:
5 things in my room

I try to keep my bedroom bare of anything (even color) except for a few essentials:
- a bed
- three very,very soft pillows (for me) and one soft one (for Dave)
- a glass of water
- a bottle of grapefruit lotion
- a paper chocolate bar and ice cream treats that Snow made for me one early Saturday morning to peel me out of bed

5 things I've always wanted to do
- live simply and sustainably (still try to every little way I can)
- make my own furniture
- have the discipline to stick to a raw food diet
- explore Asia and the South Pacific
- play piano and guitar fairly well

5 things in my bag

I took this picture weeks ago and never thought I would be posting it here. I bought this bag at a tack shop and was given horse treats for purchasing it. I am rarely around horses but my quest for a dust-and-weather-resistant-washable-but-stays-upright bag led me to an equestrian supply store. The children put rocks, dirt and partially eaten fruits in its outer pouches and it still looks and smells like new. I don't carry a lot with me, some of the things in this mini-barn bag are:
- my camera
- a key to my sister's house
- Maku's bucket hat
- a bunch of canvas shopping bags
- colored pencils

5 things in my wallet
- very little cash
- a receipt from Home Goods
- a couple of unused bandaids
- some cards -- my library card, driver's license, credit cards...
- a cute little bullet train sticker

5 things I am currently into
- taking pictures
- picnics
- handmade zakka
- amigurumi
- blogging

5 people I am tagging
Hmmm...most of the bloggers I know were already tagged, so consider yourself tagged if you want to be :D


Blur Ting said...

I love your bag. It's difficult to find a good tote bag and you're so smart to look in an equestrian store.

Love the stuff in your bag too. You have the most unusual answers... I had to google for zakka and amigurumi! Now I learned something new.

Blur Ting said...

I was reading your blog and YK came saying he's hungry. I remember you cooked spicy calamari for Maku once. So I suggested "You want calamari?"

Now I have never made that at home cos I rarely buy squids. I bought some today for pasta. He went "But how?"

So, I made that for the first time today...thanks to your blog!

Anonymous said...

cool.. that is neat..!

i knew what zakka and amigurumi was... LOL

seagrape said...

Hi Blur. I got those from a restaurant :)
I cook him some once in awhile, but I never get yummy facial reactions from him when he's eating my version of the dish.

seagrape said... probably know more about 'em than I do...LOL
I wonder if I pronounce them properly?

Kate said...

That is an awesome, giant chocolate bar. Like the one in Willy Wonka that was big, so they could send it thorugh the air-waves to appear on TV.It would definitely get me out of bed.

The World According to Me said...


I love the paper chocolate bar and ice cream. The less fattening way to eat!