Thursday, July 19, 2007

fairy tale feasts

A surprise package from my friend in California arrived a few weeks ago. Amongst the many cute things in the box was a cookbook for Snow: Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook for Young Readers and Eaters. It's a collection of fairy tales, with coordinating kid-friendly recipes. Snow was never into reading or cooking but this book somehow caught her attention. Ripping out a sheet of my monkey stationery (monkey paper cuteness also from our surprise package) she started compiling her grocery list. A trip to the market later, and my baby was making dinner.

Seaweed Stuffed Shells from the Little Mermaid

Mix all ingredients with an orange spatula and a spoon, then mash and squeeze the mixture with your hands until you hear it squishing through your fingers.

Stuff shells until the excitement wears off, then ask mom to finish the job.

Put in oven and play with your toys while mommy cleans up the mess in the kitchen.

The next day Snow made deviled eggs (minus the mayo) with cousin Jin. We don't have paprika so they sprinkled nanami togarashi (Japanese mixed chili pepper with black sesame seeds, ginger and seaweed) all over the top. Snow tried to eat some but the smell of the yolks made her gag.Deviled Eggs from Little Red Riding Hood's picnic basket (I thought she packed some tea biscuits, scones, berries and pie).

Tomorrow we are having Stone Soup for dinner.


Anonymous said...

hey new little chefs in ur kitchen! that's great!

Anonymous said...

I probably shouldn't be eating those deviled eggs but man, were they yummy! And the stuffed shells were delicious and nutritious! What more could a man ask for? I'm blessed; and humble too. ;)

DORA said...

I'm very happy that Montana enjoyed the book. I love the pictures Shelly.