Wednesday, July 25, 2007

after my nap

Six nights in a row of late night reading (yes, i am really taking my time with the seventh and last Harry Potter book) and the hot summer sun finally got to me. We had quite a busy morning that ended with big bowls of vegetable soup and a long-awaited nap.

Snow, who's not a big napper (I doubt she even dozed off), surprised us with a bowl of nuts and some pretend tea.
Aaahh....the best part of napping is the snack you get after waking up.


Blur Ting said...

That's so sweet! When she's older, she's going to bring you cakes and cookies!

Slim said...

Oh, what yummy nuts.

Anonymous said...

certainly is and even better when it's brought to you by your kids!

James said...

You have the most wonderful sense how to caption a photo, Shello! You always capture the essence of beauty in the moment you are describing...keep sharing please.