Monday, July 16, 2007

the best week ever... continued

Here we are watching alligators bask in the sun and some crazy man trying to entice them. A big gator started to swim closer to us; as it slowly approached, my niece Amber, proving that we live in a digital world said, "Let's wait, it's loading." :)

This is the seaweed that made my mom's glasses drift into the sea.

Snow was bothered by smells.

Loren was bothered by bug bites. I taught her that neat little trick of marking your bite with an X with your fingernail instead of scratching it. I suppose it worked since I got a shot of her doing just that. ;)

Some of us did yoga.

There was snuggling
and serenading

and the little ones saw their first rainbow.


rp said...

Great shot of the rainbow--they are so fleeting. There will be remember when stories for years based on these photos! Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Some great photos...I'm sure you and your family will cherish them forever! Beautiful rainbow!

rp said...

Seagrape, here are the books I was telling you about on my site:

Spectrum Math, Grade 1 and
Spectrum Math, Grade 2

They are available on the Barnes & Noble Web site for about 9 bucks. Christopher's tutor recommends them highly for math and for standardized testing study guides.

Kate said...

I'm linking through jyankee's blog. I wanted to tell you that I loved your photos and LOL about the gator "loading". Thanks for a good read!