Monday, September 24, 2007

rather delighted

We were all looking forward to an early morning visit to our downtown farmers' market last Saturday. Coffee for mom and dad, fresh orange juice for the girls, and maybe some kind of milky drink for Maku. I love farmers' markets and I always have an unrealistic expectation when visiting one.

Our stroll through the market was somewhat disappointing -- nothing was fresh, none was too tempting to bring home. It was still a festive environment and the children had lots of fun. We purchased a nasty tasting pear and one equally nasty tasting plum.
It was too early for lunch so we trotted off to the toy store. I handed the camera to Dave while I delighted to the familiar ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs of little ones looking through a toy store window.

We've done this so many times yet I never thought to take a glimpse of their beautiful faces. Just like their little voices, their little faces were filled with awe and wonder.
(Thanks for this shot, honey. And thank you for a wonderful day.)


Anonymous said...

i miss farmer's markets and it sounds like you all had a lovely family day!

Blur Ting said...

Oh, that picture really captures the essence of it all... a fun outing with the family and mummy's proud and contented look!

You do have that creative spark in you, to think of shooting from that angle.

The World According to Me said...


Love the pictures, although I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed with the food.

We have a farmers market in my home town, the first Thursday of each month. But unfortunately I have yet to visit it as I'm always stuck in the office

seagrape said...

We did have a fun family day. We're planning another one for next Saturday =)

As much as I want to take the credit for that shot...I can't! That was David's idea.

Farmers' market on Thursdays? I wonder what crowd they're targeting?

Kate said...

I agree that farmer's markets can be hit-and-miss. We have some good ones in SLC, but they are CROWDED and expensive. My daughter and I like to go there and get henna tattoos, though.

Kate said...

OK, you're going to laugh at me for being so slow on the are the better half of FB!!

I scrolled down to the self- portraits, so now I get it. I'm proud.

Actually, I also wanted to tell you that I love the little rock-star 5.6. Nathan makes up songs like this, too. His latest just goes, "David Beckham, cleaning the bathtub! David Beckham cleaning the bathtub..."

Anonymous said...

hey tita shello this is arianne (tita dang's neice from CA). i saw your blog through hers and i just wanted to say that you take some really nice photos and what an enjoyable read your blog is!

Blur Ting said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. Get well soon!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, bad fruit not withstanding. I try to get to the Union Square farmer's market, but there's nothing like the farm stands out on eastern long island!

seagrape said...

I miss the Union Square farmer's market!