Wednesday, September 5, 2007

oh how they amuse me

Snow's assorted way of dressing amuses me to no end. "This all matches, mom. All the colors on my socks are on my dress too except for green so I'm wearing my green shoes."
See the white pot in the background? One morning it had some rabbit poo, I flipped it over, sprayed it and after that it wasn't just a pot anymore.

It has been an essential part of ninja training and a prop for many circus performances.

Mismatched outfits and upside down pots. What a thrill to capture a little slice of their budding personalities!


Anonymous said...

how cute! they are all soooo individual....

The World According to Me said...

Hi seagrape

I haven't posted before, but I have lurked.

Just wanted to say how much I love looking at your photos and reading your blog..

seagrape said...

thanks world. (^.^)

Kate said...

Hi, Seagrape-
Sorry I haven't paid you a visit in a little while. Your kids are so darn cute. And I love the way little kids will wear the wierdest get-ups. Sara did that until a kid at school teased her, and now she's all anxious about "matching". Booorrring!

Blur Ting said...

How charming! I love her little bunny shoes!