Sunday, May 27, 2007

a little bit of growing up

I know, enough is enough, I’ve earned my “Purple Owie Award” but I still sleep on the couch and that entitles me to one more I'm-owie-post, especially with a view like this from the end of my makeshift bed. Two little ones wiggling and giggling--filled with joy and delight--yet underneath those smiles I know they feel scared and confused. I’ve shaken their sense of comfort and security and I'm finding it so hard to recover from that.
As I hold their feet to make sure they don’t kick the stitches on my tummy Snow’s feel a little longer and Maku’s just a little rougher; they’ve grown this week, their little hearts, and their little feet.


James said...

All the engineers in the office are worried about me 'cause I'm sitting at my desk at 5:45am on Tuesday morning sobbing! What to tell them? How can I explain the beauty of it all?!?

shello said...

That's so sweet. I'm speechless. Just, thank you.