Thursday, May 24, 2007

a girl and her dress

My sister Elaine did a little shopping the night before my operation. She got me a pre-op dress, a post-op one, and a party-like-you-never-lost-an-ovary dress. The first two outfits simply beat the look and comfort of what I was going for with my dark gray sweats; no elastic, no zippers, they just slide right on.
I was a little nervous coming and very achy going but always managed to feel cute in my pretty green dress, until I saw my reflection on the building outside. I was so pale and ugly and bloated; eeekkk! just add that to my list of things that suck. (^0^)


James said...

Get well, soon.

Anonymous said...

Stop giving yourself such a hard time. You looked beautiful. Besides, sporting a pallor is considered quite sexy these days. :)