Monday, June 11, 2007

chasing the sunset

When Snow was one and we were new to this area, we went to a different beach almost every weekend and on Sundays at sundown we brought along her little wooden drum and took part in a drum circle at our local public beach.
In the past few years there's always been a red tide bloom whenever we plan an afternoon at the beach, so we scratched that off our list and spent our Sundays playgroundhopping instead.
Yesterday we went to the beach just before sundown for Snow to enjoy the drumming and the dancing once again and for Maku to experience it for the first time. It was crowded, it was stinky, it was patrolled. We hardly heard the pulse of the drums or the wail of the horns; an electric guitar drowned out their tribal rhythm. Having less than an hour before sundown, but determined to watch and enjoy the sunset, we ran back to the car, drove around the island, and found this. I don't know how we missed this part of the island before, but it is officially our beach for this summer. Our special little spot to play in the surf, build sandcastles and watch sunsets.


Susan said...

Awesome pictures! Shello, kakaba mu na bwak. It looks great. *g*

James said...

My friend Loida wants to know where in the Philippines you grew up?

James said...

How goes the surgical recovery?

The pictures are awesome, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you never reveal the secret location of that beach.

The drum circle used to feel subversive and tribal. It was like you were doing something kind of wrong and might get busted at any moment. Now it feels so, corporate.

seagrape said...

Hi, James. I grew up in a small town called Bamban. It's about 10 miles from Angeles City.

I'm feeling much better and almost back to normal. Yay!